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Thread: Changing shop region. What will I lose?

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    Changing shop region. What will I lose?

    If I change the region of my Shop Channel does anyone know what I'll lose exactly? I have read that I will lose stored wii points and "anything downloaded through the shop channel" but what I really wanna know is, will I lose Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band down loadable content (ie the songs and track packs that I have bought via the actual games).

    Can't find a definitive answer to this anywhere, so anyone who knows for sure - I'll buy ya a beer!!! As long as you can get yourself to my local pub

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    I dont think you should change the region of your shop channel and I will explane why. Lets say the console is a NTSC U console. If you were to change the shop channel to PAL, then you would have to watch out for future updates. A disc update could brick you if a problem occurs when updating that channel since it would currently be out of region with the rest of the system. If you really want to change the region, do it for the entire system.
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    cool - yeah thanks for your advice.

    yeah - I understand all the "risks" and am researching a couple of different options for what I am trying to achieve. I really just wanna know if anyone can say for sure if the Channel region change will delete my songs and track packs.


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