why do peaple realease so meany hacks at once? right now there are 3 exploit release at onece for 4.3. now when 4.4 comes out won't they patch all three? like the PSP when an exploit is discovered it is keept a secret if there is allready an exploit THEN it is realeased AFTER the update patches it. now if the other exploits werent realeased and only one being realese IE: smash stack. then after 4.4 when it is blocked then indeana pwns is realeased. then when 4.5 comes out yu-gi-owned is realeased. now why are ALL THREE realeased? now N will realease a big bomb that will destroy the exploits in one blow. there is no need to release more than 1 exploit for a firmware version. the ones that were realease shouldof been keept hidden until one was patched.