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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Ok so im getting error #001. This is what i have on my wii. Cios38r17, Neogamma 8, System menu 4.1u. I am using all the prescribed burning methods, and other games have no problem launching ie Mario kart, GH3, etc. I have the ios 56 v5405 and have priiloader to stop updates. I have an inkling as to what the problem could be. My wii has been previously hard modded by a friend of a friend. I know, *rolls eyes emote*, but anyways now i can't get ahold of the modder and figure out which chip it is. I heard softmod should be fine with modchips but i dunno. So yeah, if anyone could help me, it would be appreciated. BTW, back up is ntsc.

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    Unauthorized Device Detected: Most likely outdated firmware for your modchip. Possibly an outdated or missing IOS. Update to latest ios249(cIOS38rev17+)

    Softmods ARE fine with modchips. I would suggest opening the wii up and seeing which chip is installed and updating it's firmware.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I was scared you would say that. Is that the only possible source of my problem? Would updating modchip firmware fix it? I dont have a triwing screw, so i would have to wait for one to ship to me D: Also, i got my wii within the first 2 months of release-ish. It was one of the first ones, do you think you can guess what chip it is? I can just try different firmwares and see what takes.

    Also, a bit off-topic. When i followed maui's guide to softmod (thanks!), and i put in the sd card, i boot to mmm and i can't figure out how to go to system menu. The "manage priiloader" option doesn't work. Help on that too please :>

    Edit: Couple more questions; Can i load the disc from gx loader? Do i have to switch cios/ios to play different games? Or is the downloaded iso56 just there and is used whenever called upon?
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