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Thread: Cant' find loader.dol

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    Error: Cant' find Loader.dol

    I followed the guide for ISO forwarder. I use usbloader gx and click on one of the wiiware games like contra rebirth and then click on the spinning cd to launch the game. I then get a black screen that says
    "Can't find loader.dol" The system then returns to the channel screen.

    Here is what my FAT32 partition looks like


    Any help is appriciated.
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    Can anyone help me please? If you need further explanation just ask. I think the problem might be that USB Loader GX is looking to the SD card for the Loader.dol. If this is the case, then how do I change it to look at my usb drive for the file?

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    I know what the problem is now. The 2nd partition never formatted as FAT32. I deleted this partition and went to recreate it. FAT32 is not even an option. The only two options are NTFS and exFAT. Any suggestions?

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    OK I got it. I used a tool in the following link to force it to FAT32.
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