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Thread: DiiLC 1.2

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    DiiLC 1.2

    *Note*- Since this wiibrew application has not been tested extensively, please use cautiously and make sure you have a back-up of your savegame file. And by using this application, your savegame file could become corrupted or you could find problems when playing online.


    DiiLC is a simple application to download and insert the DLC (downloadable content) or HDLC (hacked downloadable content) into Animal Crossing City Folk savegame file (use Waninkoko's savegame extractor for extracting savegame file). This application searches the DLC and HDLC files from the distributing servers. It could download and insert four DLCs (for US, EU, JP, and KR regions) and one HDLC that are available at the time when the application is running. It will process item, design and associated chosen letter from the downloaded file (either DLC or HDLC). User could choose to directly store the letter with item or design pattern into either the chosen player pocket and design slots (including global design slot in Able Sister's shop) or ask Wendell and Pete to deliver those.


    1.2 Changelog:
    06 September 2010 (v1.2)

    * Allow DLC with only letter and build-in item attachment
    * Allow setting IP address for DLC in dlcsetting.xml (new version number = 2); when you run this DiiLC v1.2 the first time it will overwrite the old dlcsetting.xml

    Changelog History

    At the beginning when running this application, the users could choose one of three actions by pressing a button on Wiimote:

    Wiimote A Button - Downloading from the server the available item plus letter and/or design DLC (from four regions) and inserting them into savegame file.

    Wiimote B Button -Downloading from the server the available item plus letter and/or design HDLC and inserting them into savegame file.

    Wiimote HOME Button- Exiting without downloading available DLC or HDLC.

    Once the choice is made, the application will simply run and provide information along the way and then exit by itself. Then users could use Waninkoko's savegame installer application for installing the file back from SD card to Wii.


    How to set file content:

    To change the directories and filenames for savegame and temporary files, a file called dlcsetting.xml is automatically created in the SD card main folder (unless the right version is already there). This setting file also allows user: (1) to choose which letter she or he wants to have from each region; (2) to choose whether to store the letter plus item or design directly to pocket and design slots of chosen player or Able Sister's shop global design slots, or to ask Wendell and/or Pete to deliver those (and this by default to all player).

    It has the following default content (user could change it using any Wii homebrew text editor or PC text editor application):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    By default the four regions' DLC letters plus items are stored directly to the first four pocket slots of the first player in the town, and the designs from those regions (if any) are stored directly to the the first four global pattern slots in the Able Sister's shop (shown as umbrella in the center of the store). And HDLC letter plus item is chosen to be delivered by Pete, similarly HDLC design (if any) is chosen to be delivered by Wendell.

    Therefore, if the user wants to change this setting, she or he could change the associated numbers in the appropriate tagged sections (usregion, jpregion, euregion, krregion for DLC; and arregion for HDLC). Available letter names for each region could be seen in the Letters section below (along with the associated example pictures). Letter player numbers 1 to 4 are designated for the four players in the town, number 5 is dedicated for Pete (i.e. letter plus item is delivered by Pete). Letter slot numbers are 1 to 10 (associated with the letter pocket slots in each player). Similarly, pattern player numbers 1 to 4 are designated for the four players in the town, number 5 is for Wendell (i.e. design/pattern is delivered by Wendell), and number 6 is for the Able Sister's shop. Pattern slot numbers are 1 to 8 (associated with either the design pocket slots in each player or in the Able Sister's shop). Clearly, if the user chooses Pete and Wendell, then the slot numbers information will be ignored.

    Deliver design and item DLC


    ltrue (us region)-

    ltruf (us region)-

    HDLC released by DiiLC

    blue carnations 0xCA14 (11/26 to 12/18/09)

    wreath umbrella 0xCA18 alternating release with smiley umbrella

    (12/19 to 12/31/09)

    smiley umbrella 0xCA18 alternating release with wreath umbrella

    (12/19 to 12/31/09); (05/31/10 including Hop's Ram tile design)

    Source- Wiibrew

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