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Thread: Hackmii scam warning freeze

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    Hackmii scam warning freeze

    I'll try to make this short. I bought a wii recently, it came with 4.2e. So i followed mauifrog's guide prefectly, even did some optional things like downgrading to 4.1e. When i tried to play games on my HDD via USB i always had a black screen. So after trying many diferent HDDs that were said to work on the compatibility list, i read some other guides which all said not to downgrade my 4.2 Wii.

    At this point i decide to do the stupid thing, turn my wii into a virgin to start from scratch. Problem is i did things backwards, first deleted the HBC and BootMii channel and later used the NAND Cleaner and TitleDeleter.

    Now im stuck, after reading an amazing amount of posts, i realized i had screwed up, im trying to get HBC back by following the Guides for softmodding 4.1 wii, but the wii freezes when i see the scam disclaimer from Hackmii.

    Any suggestions?

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    Have a look here


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