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Thread: Wasabi V2 upgraded to 3.0- still getting update request with new games?

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    Wasabi V2 upgraded to 3.0- still getting update request with new games?

    I have a 3.3U Wii with a Wasabi V2 chip that I upgraded successfully to version 3.0 using the DVD from Wasabi's website. I was under the impression that this would allow me to play copies of new games (like NSMB, Resort, SMG2...), however, I still get the update request on the disc channel whenever a newer game is inserted. So then I went ahead and softmodded it to 4.1U, but am still getting that message. I can load the games using Neogamma, but like I said, I thought I would be able to play the games using the legit disc channel. Seems like I wasted my time and money on a modchip now. Also, when I ask to exit to the Wii Menu from Neogamma, the screen just goes black.

    I tried changing the settings on my chip to not allow updates, which did the following... I inserted a new game (I tried several, all with the same result). The game would show up on the disc channel like normal, but when I hit "Start", the screen would just go black. These games work fine when opened via Neogamma. After I turned off the update setting, I get the update request in the disc channel.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Is the modchip worth anything now? Or will I always have to use Neogamma for all new games?
    2. Is there a way to fix the Neogamma black screen issue?
    3. Off topic question... I have two weather and two news channels, is there a way to delete the extra ones?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    if you had no softmod installed, you could simply just update your wii fw version with the newer games and everything would be ok, but since you also installed the softmod to your wii, you really don't have a choice but to continue to use the softmod.

    a softmodded wii can not accept wii fw updates from the game dvd or the wii online.

    either remove the soft mod, then update via game dvd or just use the softmod and the modchip.... not all games work issue free on either, so essentially you have the best of both atm


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