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Thread: Need Help; Wii Error When Playing some back ups

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    Need Help; Wii Error When Playing some back ups

    Hi if anyone could help me out,
    I been looking thru all these threads/forums cant find any suggestions that could help me solve this problem;
    the problem is some of the wii games i burn onto a dvd-R the iso files and everything like right region (PAL) and all that, still says error and restart wii when i put the game in...
    All the other games ive burned work fine firmware is 4.1
    and games that arent working ;
    - Marvel Superhero Squad (This one loads front page then error)
    - One Piece Unlimited Cruise 1
    - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex
    if anyone has any ideas where i have gone wrong please reply

    also ive read that i need to patch it first or something.. but that was for using backuploader or something, my wii is hardmod i dont know which mod but i dont use backuploader


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    Have a look in my signature for problematic games. I know that Call of Duty is in there but I'm not sure about the others. Keep in mind though that most of the times it's an issue with the burn or a bad ISO to begin with.

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