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Thread: Wii - Bricked after modding

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    Wii - Bricked after modding

    Hi all,

    I modded a Wii for a friend an this time something went wrong.
    I followed the same procedure i always do:
    " Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! " by MESSIE

    Everything went well and after I did all the installation I rebooted the Wii and that was it.
    The Wii powers on (can see green LED) but nothing comes on screen.
    Any Ideas?
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    Did you install Priiloader? Can you access it?

    Start your Wii without SD card and/or USB
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    Starting without SD cards and USB devices didn't work
    Also BootMii is not loading and the priiloader :s

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    ouch.... Did you do a NAND backup? Was you able to install Bootmii as boot2? It kinda sounds like something went wrong with the IOS70 patched install for Priiloader.

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    No I didn't do the backup NAND part (never did) and bootmii is installed as an IOS (like always).

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    Your only chance would be to use the Savemiifrii method. Google it and see if it will help. If it does work then you will need an original game disk with a 4.3 update. The only game that I know of the Metroid: Other M.

    If you attempt this kind of thing again make sure you do a NAND backup even though most guides says it's an option.

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    Google? Why should this user, when Dogeggs has a thread on savemiifrii here.

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    WOW!! I didn't know that existed. I will book mark that. Thanks.

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    Great links!

    Thanks! Very helpful forum

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    thx all, will try it


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