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Thread: So I got my Wiikey Fusion, what more do I need?

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    So I got my Wiikey Fusion, what more do I need?

    I was told having a modchip you don't have to worry about updates, so when I installed my Wii I updated to 4.3e.

    Now a lot of games seem not to work. For instand, NSMB and Wiiware games.
    So even If a got the Wiikey, I still need to softmod in order to play <4,3GB ISO's, new super mario, and the homebrew channel for Wiiware.

    Why did I get the modchip in the first place?

    Now my real question;
    Do I have to softmod? Or would it be wise to wait for a new Wiikey Update, so I can play NSMB and the smaller ISO's?
    How fast can I expect updates from the scene?

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    nsmb work ok with wiikey fusion, may be a bad DL, wiiware has always be via HB

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    I think it must differ with the USA or PAL version. I need the PAL one

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    I do have Pal one with 4.3E and a Wii 4.3U, I got both ISOs for NSMB and they do work, the trick is that you have to update to latest FW of the Wiikey Fusion, then another thing is you transfer one game at a time and not all at once. I use 32GB class 4 SD, a 8GB is good and I recommend nothing less than that, as some games need space even after been transferred with WBFS manager into WBFS format...I discovered this when I filled my card and suddenly none of my previous working games started. Removed one by one from the card till get it started again and now all are working as they did before. There is nothing wrong with Wiikey Fusion like that, only the way some transfer the games on the SD or the ISO image they DL.

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    WIIkey and NSMB.

    I have tried many time, but have never been able to play NSMB. Mine is wiikey 1

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    This thread is about Wiikey Fusion, but for Wiikey1 you do need to do the update. Download the update from the site and burn it on DVD and not CD to do the update.

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    WiiKey Fusion error 002

    Hi i have wiikey Fusion with 1.04 update but with some games i have the 002 error
    can some one explain how to deal with this

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    There is a very good FAQ on site.


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