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Thread: TW Princess Hack Error-Please help

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    Unhappy TW Princess Hack Error-Please help

    I formated my 2 GB SD card to FAT
    I have the USA version RZDE copied the din file to root and renamed boot.dol also tried boot.elf and both
    saved a princess game to wii, removed game put in card, erased game save on wii and then copied SD saved game (hack USA)
    started up game chose Hack 0 and waled backwards
    it acts like its gonna work but gives me exception 0300
    I'm seriously frustrated after doing the above 10 times, reformatting card etc
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    sounds to me like you have a bad version of the save from here and try it again:

    this may be where you downloaded it before, but it just sounds like a corrupt file downloaded and doesn't work right when it is executed.

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