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Thread: Wii shop trouble

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    Wii shop trouble

    I installed the OS 61, supposed to be enough for start the shop channel, but still, when i open it, i receive the user agreement request..
    How does it work..

    Forecast wants wiiconnect24..


    Wii with 3.2 U, hardmodded (was a japanes one b4, motherboard changed i suppose) with all os 65535
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    Have a look at this:

    Quote Originally Posted by ambani View Post
    I did not relaise that I did not need to go to WiiConnect24 to accept / unaccept EULA.

    I got it to work,

    1. Go to User Agreements in Settings. And Don't Accept - Choose No. I read somewhere ARC troubleshoot that it requires an entry of Yes/No in the settings file. It can then manipulate it.
    2. Download AnyRegionChanger 1.1b and Mark EULA as read.

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