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Thread: Homebrew Sorter/menu selection

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    Homebrew Sorter/menu selection

    Is there any way other then the currnet Homebrew apps to Sort Homebrew in the HB channel.

    I really would love to see a modified version of HBC come out or support for duel Apps folders.

    For instance get HBC to show 2 options when your run the channel those options being Apps,Games

    As I simply JUST want to sort my Apps into a folder for Games and a folder for APPS and just click what folder u wish to browse on the SD or USB and it will just show only the apps that are stored into that folder.

    Its probably not possible with out writing a custom HBC channel but to hell with it Im keen if it can be done.

    (I know I could have them on USB and SD seperated that way but simply, I like the SD as a lot of things have trouble fowarding to USB)

    I just think that it would be a better way to sort apps then have them just in one selection screen, Mainly as i'm trying to comstomize the wii to try and streamline all the modded channels and emulators and stuff so it looks like it was ment to be there.

    Just for apperences and ease of use really, I can handle it the way it is just fine but this is just coz im picky with presnentaion.
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    hm only know that the homebrewfilter can do that like categorize, sort etc.
    similar channel to the hbc, loads homebrew has features.
    but don't know anything for hbc itself.

    good luck

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    I have seen some HBC ports around maybe one of them can do it and make use of 2 apps folders and not just one apps folder, I think consolidating everything apps and games alike is just silly.

    for instance If I have friends kids over or when my gf's little brother and sisters come round Id rather have the APPS in there own folder and just tell them to click the one that says GAMES and they can only toy around with games and not things like Savegame movers and Wad managers


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