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Thread: PSFreedom Dingoo:PS3 Jailbreak now on the Dingoo

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    PSFreedom Dingoo:PS3 Jailbreak now on the Dingoo

    The PS3 Jailbreak exploit has been ported to the Dingoo. The enhanced Dingux image, once installed, allows the Dingoo a320 to act as the PS3 Jailbreak dongle.


    "PSFreedom Dingoo" is a port of PSFreedom, created by KaKaRoTo, to the Dingoo A320 console (JZ4740 chipset). The zImage file included in the package allows you to boot a modified version of Dingux that makes the console to behave like the PSJailbreak device.

    PSFreedom for Dingoo

    ported by Waninkoko
    developed by KaKaRoTo

    1. Place the zImage file in your mini-SD card (important: choose the one that works with your LCD screen!!).
    2. Run Dingux and wait for the kernel to boot completely.
    3. Now your Dingoo behaves like the PSJailbreak device!!


    The patch for the kernel is included in the "kernel-patch" folder. The patch has been created to be
    applied on the top of the opendingux 2.6.35 kernel tree.

    Source:TeknoConsolas | Magazine sobre videojuegos. Análisis, trucos y guías de PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, DS y PC
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    Sales of the dingoo just increased, along with PS3 sales, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stomp_442 View Post
    Sales of the dingoo just increased, along with PS3 sales, lol
    LOL. Thats funny. So why is Sony complaining then??? If they get more sales due to the ModChip coming out, then why are they whining and throwing a lawsuit at a seller of the PSJailbreak?
    I didn't do it!!!! I swear!!!!!
    But if I did, I was justified!!!!


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