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Thread: I have my system modded with Neogamma and my KID took out the memory card! HELP!!

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    I have my system modded with Neogamma and my KID took out the memory card! HELP!!

    Ok, so a long time ago I bought a modded Wii. It came with "backup" games. When I inserted them they showed on the upper left corner like a normal Wii game would. Well I did the system update and lost all the Wii Modding capabilities. I read for HOURS and finally had the homebrew channel loaded 4.2 and Neogamma. I then had to click on Neogamma and launch for all the games. No nice little icon. I tried with the options but it never really worked. Out of my 42 games, 9 of them didn't work like the new Super Mario Wii and the new Wii Sports Resort. Well my son needed an SD card for his camera and he FORMATTED IT!! Now I have a Wii with neogamma but it won't do anything! What do I need to do? Any step by step instructions or links would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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    Well the reason you were able to play backups through the disc channel was because cioscorp was installed which allows that. When you ran the full system update, all the softmods were deleted. The reason why neogamma doesnt work without the sd card is because that channel probably has a forwarder in it which means the actual application itself is stored on the sd card to minimize the size of that channel. You can simply fix that by deleting the neogamma channel and installing a new neogamma channel which doesnt include the forwarder. The channel will be bigger in file size but it will contain the entire application. The reason why NSMB and Wii Sports Resort doesnt work is because you need to give those games special treatmnt. Theres guides on here for those 2 games.
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