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Thread: RegionFrii or BrickBlocker

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    Ca RegionFrii or BrickBlocker

    I already burned a few PAL games and patched them using brickblocker. now i downloaded a program called regionfrii. Does brickblocker do the job better than regionfree, or vise-versa? or should i use both?
    Another question is if you recommend regionfrii should i burn the games i already burned again?

    what would you recommend though?
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    I've never used either of those, but I'd recommend using Wiu1.1 or Wum but they all do the same thing more or less. You really only need one tool that will remove the Update from the iso and so use the one that you are comfortable with.

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    how can one do a better job than another?
    it either works or it doesnt xD

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    Dude... I thought regionfrii changed the disc region so that you could play any "import" titles on any wii.


    I thought that wiibrickblocker removed the sectors that had firmware updates. Like removing the update from SSBB (J) so that it doesn't brick your NTSC/PAL wii.

    So don't you need both?

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    how can you play a back up without a mod chip, outside of the loader....
    and brick blocker removes the update, like all the others xD

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    ok everyone, i have a D2Pro9 chip, and i already burned a few games after using brickblocker and everything works, so i guess i dont need to use regionfrii

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