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Thread: PNY SDHC 8gig will finaly mount in wbfs!

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    Talking PNY SDHC 8gig will finaly mount in wbfs!

    Wow. I finaly figured this thing out. OK My 8g PNY SDHC card wouldn't work with my Wii in WBFS format. So I thought it was my CIOS....well since my sdhc card would work in FAT32 format. Meaning I could load homebrew and applications off of it. When I would try and format it WBFS it wouldn't mount in neogamma. My 2g SD card would work fine. Well here is what I did!

    I decided to go through the whole softmod again...inluding down grading and loading the system menu 4.1...I went throught he whole thing. And then tried my sdhc card aging with no prevail...
    Then I started reading more about people paritioning the SDHC card...So I did. I will prevail.....

    The only way I got it to work finaly was with the right settings for the partitoning its self.

    1. Partitoned with Mini Tool Partion software
    2. Paritioned the smallest size I could in FAT32 on the first partiton....making it LOGICAL parition
    3. Partitioned the rest of the space in FAT32....making it LOGICAL as well.
    4. Then I converted the LOGICAL....second partiton (largest partiton) to PHYSICAL partion
    5. It made this partion activly E: on my system....I was unable to access the small FAT-LOGICAL-Small partion through windows.
    6. Ran WBFS manager and formated the Large partiton....copied over a game
    7. Ran NEOgamma R8, IOS249 (Rev 19)
    8. Tried to mount SD card ........FINALY.......IT MOUNTED!!! I was amazed I must say....

    I'm wondering if this works on most of those SDHC cards everyone cant use on the WII for WBFS??? I hope somone out there comes across the same problem I was having and used this method with as well to solve there problem. Might be a big find on my part...never know. Anyways...let me know your thoughts.

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    Has anyone trie this????....

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    @op please make sure you are putting your threads in the right section before posting....


    most people buy hdd for using with wbfs not sdhc cards.... AS some people are still on 4.0 and bellow and can not read the sdhc cards....


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