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Thread: Weird problem on 4.2 softmodded Wii

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    Weird problem on 4.2 softmodded Wii

    I just followed ShadowSonic2's amazing guide for 4.2 softmodding for my Black 4.2e Wii. Everything went smoothly during the mod. and it seemed to work perfect.

    I've been playing alot of my backups (i play them through a HDD), and the problem on each and every one of them is that every now and then it stops loading the game. That is, if i ex. go from one map to another in the game it doesnt load the next map. But thing is, It can happen from 10 mins after I started playing up to a few hours. But if i stay in the same map, and pause it on the home button for about 20 mins, I'm doomed to fail loading the next screen. Mostly it happens when i stay in the same area for a longer period of time. It does not have special times on the game there its most likely to happen, because I can freeze at one point, and then restart my Wii, and then go through that point very smooth with no slow loading time what so ever. The music does not stop when i freeze.

    I'm sorry if this issue has been dealed with before. I just didn't know what to search for, cause I have no idea what causes this problem. I'm reallly new with softmodding as well, therefore I haven't really tried fixing this problem, since i would most likely brick.

    Thank you for any help!
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    completely wild stab in the dark guess, but it could be your HDD going in to sleep mode. You should check the drive manufacturers website to see if the have a utility to change the spindown time.


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