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Thread: softmod a wii with chip.

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    softmod a wii with chip.

    Is it possible for me to softmod a wii console that has been modded with a chip? my neibure has buy a wii game and it is fixed soo you can play games from disc's with it.. but now he saw my console with a 500 gig disc and notice that he dont have to burn all his dvd's again.

    Soo is that possible or has he have to remove that chip first? maybe i have to check the console first to see what kinda chip it is before you guys can help me.

    Best regards Thomas

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    He can keep the chip in and softmod the wii.
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    he belives its a WiiKey2 chip. still possible?

    i have followed the old 4.2 guide.. now i see you have a 4.3 big differents?

    And thx for the quick replay.

    Best regards Thomas

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    Yes still possible.
    Very big diffence, but stick to the guide for your system menu you are currently on.
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    not just possible, but definately worth it, I have a hardmod, which i only really use for loading GC, then im softmodded for laoding from USB and homebrew.


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