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Thread: WiiScrubber + Tatsunoko Vs Capcom = FAIL! But WHY?

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    WiiScrubber + Tatsunoko Vs Capcom = FAIL! But WHY?

    I can open and edit the contents Super Smash Bros Brawl with WiiScrubber, but it doesn't work with Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. It just doesn't load the ISO of TvC. It gives an error saying it can't open/read it. What's going on here?

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    More information please ... Like, Are your trying to scrub a WBFS file or ISO, what Image format are the Games stored in on your pc basicly

    Have u tested the non scrubbed ISO on your wii to confirm it is a working game ISO ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ledhead900 View Post
    More information please ... Like, Are your trying to scrub a WBFS file or ISO, what Image format are the Games stored in on your pc basicly

    Have u tested the non scrubbed ISO on your wii to confirm it is a working game ISO ?
    He's trying to edit the contents of an ISO file, as said in the first post.
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    I was just double checking the user was getting his file extenstion right, you can't fully trust everyone to know what there doing as anyone can read a guide and think that games are always ISO format.
    tho my second sentence is something I would like to know.

    OP I will try my copy of TvsC as I have a ISO of it on my computer just to rule out the game being the issue.

    Bingo Mate you not alone

    I can't get Wiiscrubber to load my ISO eaither I get "error on load"

    This is the ISO I got "Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars [PAL]" I think it is pre scrubbed too.

    Can u make sure your ISO is not already Scrubbed, My 7zip extraction utility tells me its a compressed file of around 1.68gig, once extracted tho it shows up as a little over 4gig
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    If unscrubbed, it would be about 8GB in size! My Super Smash Bros Brawl ISO I was talking about was only 4GB, and thus scrubbed. Yet it worked PERFECTLY (inspite of few stupid I/O errors that seem to have no effect actually) being opened by WiiScrubber. No problem at all. In fact I used it to swap the THP format opening video in SSB:Brawl for another one using WiiScrubber, and then burned to DVD with Nero at 4x speed and it worked PERFECLY playing back my alternate opening video when run in my softmodded Wii.

    Scrubbing ain't the problem. The game IS the problem. TvC just doesn't like to be opened in a Wii ISO explorer like WiiScrubber.

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    have you made sure that you are using the latest version of wiiscrubber? there have been some problems in the past where newer ISO's could not be opened properly until an updated wiiscrubber was available

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    I think a new version of WiiScrubber was released (ver 1.4) just recently. But now I'll have to take time to download the ISO again, cause I deleted it when it failed last time and I was prepaired to just give up. I just burned it (to see if it would play on my softmodded wii) and then deleted the ISO cause it seemed to not want to be opened by WiiScrubber.

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    I may not have to redownload. Why? Well while computer DVD drives don't recognize Wii disks bought from the store. It seems (from what I'm trying right now) that they will recognize DVDs burned from Wii ISOs. This is unexpected as the Wii ISO and disk burned from it is in theory formatted in the Wii format, which is unreadable by most DVD drives (and mine is NOT one of the special ones that can read it, which I can verify from trying to read a real store bought Wii disk in my computer's DVD drive). I'm not sure why it works with reading a burned disk, nor do I know why my softmodded Wii CAN read it, which it can, when my computer can read it, when they should be mutually exclusive. In fact, right now, I'm dumping the disk image from my burned disk to get the ISO back, which is a LOT faster than it would be to redownload the ISO. I hope the dumped ISO is as usable (able to be burned) as the ISO I downloaded before that I had burned to the DVD in the first place.

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    yea try the new wiiscrubber - i used 1.30 and it did not open my pal iso as i mentioned in my last post.

    going by the size then my iso is scubbed already.

    But i load everything from usb


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