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Thread: Megaman 9 (yet another..)

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    Arrow Megaman 9 (yet another..)

    Greeting guys,

    I am new this forum, hope i am doing it right.

    I am still new to this HomeBrew channel hacks, and this is my first attempt to hack using HomeBrew channel.

    and I got couple of question regarding Megaman 9.

    My Wii is Japan Wii with 3.2U firmware on it.

    Here is what i already did with my Wii..

    1) i download "Wad Installer 2.1" and "MegaMan 9 RegionFree.wad" from intehnet.
    2) I follow the steps on youtube for installation : "Installing Wads on your Wii from the Homebrew Channel"
    3) I try , and successfully install Megaman 9.

    and now here is the problem; when i click "Start" to play Megaman 9, it bounce me back to the Wii main menu.

    i search around forum, and i found that i need "cIOS37_rev2-Installer" to be installed on my Wii using HomeBrew, but I :

    1) not sure what tools to use to install it
    2) not sure if my Wii already got cIOS37 thing or not

    do I really need "cIOS37_rev2-Installer" ? since i already got my Megaman 9 installed on my Wii

    please help regarding my problem . . .
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    put it in the wad folder, open wad manager, run it, 10 seconds later, it will stop, then you try it and it will work

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    put it in the wad folder, open wad manager, run it, 10 seconds later, it will stop, then you try it and it will work
    Urmm, i am not sure what to install in this step..?

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    the whole question was based off it =.=

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    Thanks for the tips.

    Guess my Wii have some missing files needed for Megaman 9

    I use Wad Installer v2.1, and then install this wad : "IOS37-64-v2070.wad"

    and my Megaman 9 is now playable

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    I actually wen't the way of installing the cIOS with "cIOS37_rev2-Installer" from ChrisChown's Installing Megaman9 post and megaman still does not work for me. I got the official IOS37-64-V2070.wad from these forums as well. Has anyone tested megaman 9 with the cIOS as working? It seems like it should work since it just patches IOS37 but I also noticed it was renaming it to IOS254 or something like that(Maybe that's the problem) Is it harmful to install IOS37-64-V2070.wad over my cIOS install or do I need to uninstall the cIOS somehow? Is IOS37-64-V2070 harmful in general? Is it going to up my firmware or do something undesirable if it is unpatched? I'm still not completely sure I understand what the IOS is in the first place.

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    it works, try installing the shop channel update, and such, you must have 3.2 or higher btw

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    Ah must be the firmware. I'm still at 3.1U. So how do I go to 3.2 now? I've missed the boat on upgrading through Nintendo and I don't have any games with the 3.2 update. Can I use one of the 3.3 to 3.2 downgraders with the same effect?

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    no game has it, just use anyregion changer and update


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