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Thread: newb - just bought modded wii - help please

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    newb - just bought modded wii - help please

    Just bought a modded wii on CL - the seller really didn't know anything about it - says he had a friend mod it but didn't know which method. He also didn't know much about burning games.

    So my first question is how can I tell which method my wii is modded? I know there are various chips, and even softmods.

    My second question is how to burn backups. For example, the wii came with a bunch of accessories and games - some backups and originals. One original it came with is SplinterCell so I downloaded the ISO. How do I now create a backup of this game? Do I just copy the ISO to a dvd 4.7gb disk? Or do I use one of my iso programs to extract the individual files and copy those onto the disk? I'm confused cause when I insert one of the backed up disk that the wii came with into my PC and then look at the disk, it shows zero files (like my PC is unable to read the disk?)


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    your pc wont be able to read wii games unless you have a lg 8164b dvd rom also if you have iso on pc i use nero 6 go to copy disc then highlight burn image find iso file ,add select speed at 4x select verify burn done

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    hi sorry forgot to mension use dvd-r a good quality one


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