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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me Please? I lost my thread title!

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    Can Anyone Help Me Please? I lost my thread title!

    I hacked my wii a couple nights ago. Everything is perfect now. Except one BIG thing, getting the hacks correctly stored on my computer and then moved on to the SD card then on to the wii. Then from there what do I do when I insert my SD card with everything downloaded on to it. I already have HBC and that DVD channel thing and Back-up channel and a Gamecube Channel. I know HBC is the main channel so i just need help with getting the hacks from the CP to wii. Also, I have system 4.3u i dont know if that changes everything.

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    which guide did you follow?

    The guide tells you exactly what to do, and in which order.

    Exactly what do you mean by "the hacks"?

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    If you are on system menu up to 4.2 then follow the Softmod Any Wii guide in my signature. If you are on 4.then follow the 4.3 Softmod Guide in my signature. You need a little more than just Homebrew to be softmoded.

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    WOW U REPLIED FAST LOLZ and what do u mean guide and the hacks r like moonjump, infinite...., everything unlocked, etc., and i got it now but can u just get me a link to download cheatmanager on the cp i cannot find 1

    dnt worry anymore i got and ty but u no the code down loader and cheat manager well most codes dnt work so can u help me find cheat manager for the cp
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    No help with cheats here.
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