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Thread: neogamma channel uninstall help

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    neogamma channel uninstall help

    I have the neogamma installed under homebrew and as a channel. I'm getting fst.bin errors so I wanna upgrade to R5 but have a few questions first.
    1- Do I have to uninstall the homebrew R4 before installing R5 or do I just install R5 over it for the homebrew R5.
    2- If I install it as a channel as well as in homebrew, how do I completely get rid of the R4 channel, if I use the wii options to delete the channel isnt there still some files in the memory somewhere and if so what should I use to delete the channel before installing the R5 channel?

    Dont think it matters since im just trying to uninstall R4 and install R5 but heres my wii info:
    3.4U with ios38 rev 14

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    r5? why? r9 is released now!

    Just install it. You can uninstall the old one with either wadmanager (if you have the original wad) or any title deleter (Be VERY careful and delete ONLY the neogamma channel)

    You might also want to update to cIOS rev17, as 14 is getting old now.

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    in this order:
    1. No, don`t uninstall if you don`t want to
    3. download neogamma r9 here
    4.You can go to the blue link and see the lastest release

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