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Thread: Problem with loading .wad

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    Problem with loading .wad

    All instalations went ok, but only few games work. Those that dont work, they just go back to the wii menu.

    Help =(

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    wiiware stuff? there are threads for this.
    which installation? softmod guide? which one you used? sysmenu you are on? cios you are using?
    which don't work which game?

    so many open questions..

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    try downloading them from other sources and installing the again.
    if not, maybe is your wad manager, try downloading it again

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    Got wii v3.4e, softmodded, cios38r4 cios222, wad manager 16, what else is needed to know?

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    cios 38 rev 4 or cios 38 rev 14 lol.
    A sys check wont do any harm

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    Is this a forum issue or bug? Please take the time to look where you're posting.

    Maybe try again and give more info about your problem (and in the appropriate section). Thread closed.
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