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Thread: Getting the Panasonic formatter to FAT32 ??

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    Getting the Panasonic formatter to FAT32 ??

    From what ive been reading i should be formatting my sd card as FAT32.

    Format in my computer isnt working, neither is admin tools/disk management.

    So i got hold od the panasonic tool. When it formats the file system says FAT only. I think that is basicallay FAT16 ?

    So, can i change it? Do i have to?

    Also, do i have to change any of th 'options' i.e. Format type/ Format size adjustment? Quick erase... or just do quick, the default setting?

    One more thing if i may ask, jump ahead a little, i put the files from a rar from the 4.2 guide here onto an sd card. {been having problems with this} All the files were in the sd card... i took it out, plugged it straight back in, checked the sd card and there was only 2 of the 4 files i put in there? {This is on the pc not the wii i mean}

    What would that suggest ? Faulty/cheap card reader ? The files arent writing onto it properly ? But how can i see them there one sec, then they just dissapear when i remove it ?
    Iv tried this with two brand new sandisk 2GB from tesco vs the 1.59 card reader from fleebay.

    Sorry a little off original topic, but its all linking together and doin my head in as im stuck here at part C {installing cios38rev14}

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    Try this program to see if it works on your computer... maybe try a different card reader also if it doesn't work out...

    HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

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    Thanks mate. Always to good to have an alternative.

    I got my prob fixed though. Mobo chipset drivers werent up to date, it was recognising my reader but when it came to out files on it my pc was having a hard time with it.

    So the panasonic formatter is working fine now.



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