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Thread: Drivekey & Metroid Other M

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    Question Drivekey & Metroid Other M


    I have just burnt a copy of Other M (PAL on PAL console) and it's not working standard black screen with can't read disk error.

    I have burnt DL discs before for this console and it has worked (specifically Smash Bros). Is there any new copy protection on this game or something? I remember there were problems with the drivekey and new super Mario bros but I didn't play that game.


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    Ok, realised my problem. My noobness burnt the disk without setting the book type. Hadn't used a +r in a while and forgot about it.

    Problem now is that the game is often telling me the disc is unreadable. Ejecting it and sticking it in again worked a few times but no dice during the scene when she meets the guy that calls her princess. Stuck here now

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    same problem !

    Hi , just to let you know, I got the same problem yesterday. Disc Error at every disc reading.

    Then I just burn the same iso again at low speed. I choose 2.4x and I played 2 hours without any troubles.


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