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Thread: Used up all wii system memory PLS help

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    Used up all wii system memory PLS help

    used up all internal mem installing wads now when i power on it says mem is full pls delete something but it wont let me delete the wads hlp

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    If you have priiloader you can load it by holding reset and booting the wii, then load hbc, then wad manager and uninstall the wads.

    Or bootmii boot2, you can load bootmii launch hbc or wad manager and uninstall.

    If these are IOS wads then you don't want to delete them! (I am thinking they are not though)
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    I actually had that problem when I installed Bubble Bobble then installed the DLC. Its better if you install 1 WAD at a time, then move that installed game onto the SD Card. Apparently the Wii only has 512MB of Internal space. Right now I got 2 Pages full of Channels on my SD Card. Only problem is, if you want to use Gecko with a Game, you have to move that game onto the Wii. Also, it does take a while to load up the SD section depending on how much you have and also how large your SD Card is.
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    Thnx alot ur a life saver.


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