PSP coder Vosman has released a new version of PSNLover, a handy homebrew plugin that allows you to connect to PlayStation Network, access the PSN Store and play online games, using your custom firmwared PSP.

Developer's note (translated):

psnlover is my self a small plug-in, is psnfucker the updated version that allows users to connect through a wireless network PSN official website for online play, or log on to download things PSN store, manage accounts and so on PSN. This plug-in is compatible with all 5XX homemade system, and supports all PSN games (but some games need to activate the license key), WI-FI to all WAP and WPA encryption support all formats.

Changelog (translated):

* ACE COMBAT X2 PSN online exit to the processing ... screen, crash fixes!

Source- PSNlover beta v1.2(ACE COMBAT X2