Homebrew coder moikop has posted a new version of his nifty music player for the PSP, PSPlaylist. Dubbed as the first "Karaoke" app for the PSP, the latest update is a feature pack release with various new additions, fixes and tweaks.


* {+}Controls have been remapped. Thus enable also songs from the karaoke mode.
* {+}Added the ability to forward / rewind the song in the Karaoke mode.
* {+}Enhanced stability and fluidity of the application.
* {+}If the cover is not in the ID3, instead of being a vacuum as in previous versions, it displays a cover specifically designed for this hombrew.
* {+}The graphical interface has been completely renovated. Next to ICON0 and the PIC1.
* {+}The credits have been improved graphically.
* {+}Improved dynamic homebrew to 100%.
* {+}Now, you can switch between the karaoke player and vice versa with the push of a button.
* {+}Added 3 languages (English, French and Italian. Conf.mkp Configurable from that folder is the PSPlaylist).
* {+}Implemented anti-bug system (If you find any bugs or any exceptions which usually would lead to error, this application is handled by displaying the appropriate message).
* {+}Added the ability to read the files. Txt of the lyrics from another folder (Not next to the
* respective MP3 as in previous versions). Can not find it. Txt to the specified folder, it will look next to the mp3.

Source- PSPlaylist v2.26 Released