by Ant512

Homebrew coder ant512 is back to update Woopsi, a handy GUI library for creating homebrew user interfaces for the Nintendo DS. Woopsi 0.99.4 is mainly a bug fix release to correct some issues from the previous versions.


* Fixes:
o All makefiles no longer create .ds.gba and .sc.nds binaries.
o Fonts include doxygen comments.
o Amended return type of some font properties (Lakedaemon).
o Reorganised PSD and BMP files.
o Prevented demo build process from unnecessarily including BMP files.
o Fixed divide by 0 when content size is 0 in SliderVertical and SliderHorizontal::resizeGrip().
o SDL fixes.
o GraphicsPort maps between co-ordinate systems more accurately; fixes clipping problems.
* New Features:
o Built with devKitARM r31/libnds 1.4.5/default ARM7 0.5.14.
o Setting MultiLineTextBox's max rows to -1 forces it to retain all text.
o Added getCharTop() to font classes.
o Various minor .NET tool improvements.
o Added Gadget::checkCollision(Rect&).
o Added drawBaselineText() to Graphics and GraphicsPort classes (Lakedaemon).
o Added freetype outline font class (Lakedaemon).
o Added Install.bat install script for Windows users.
o Python bmp2font script updated to match output of .NET tools.

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