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Thread: I cant play games with GeckoOs with color plzz help!!!

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    I cant play games with GeckoOs with color plzz help!!!

    When i am playing the games with GeckoOs, i cant play with color. It becomes black and white. I dont want to play games black and white. I have tried GeckoOs channel and GeckoOs(colorfixed) but nothings work. I dont know why! Plzz somebody help me!!!"
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    Are you sure your TV can handle games from another region?

    When playing US games on an older UK tv getting black & white pictures is not unusual.

    There are 2 considerations when playing imports, there is the region and also the TV standard.

    Not only does your Wii have to be able to play different games from a different region, but your TV has to be to handle a different TV standard. You can get converters like NTSC(US) to PAL(UK).


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