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Thread: WBFS extraction

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    WBFS extraction

    So my friend loaded games onto a harddrive and I tried to extract them using WBFS, but i noticed that the finished file size was different than the ones that were registered on the original harddrive. Most of them were 3.99 gbs. So, as a result, when I tried the new harddrive with my wii, a large majority of the games, the incomplete ones, didn't show at all. I tried several times, individually, and in groups, to extract again. Any idea on whether or not this is normal, and what I can do to fix it?

    Thanks so much in advance

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    get wiigamemanager
    is able to extract everything or do drive to drive copy, from wbfs partition to iso/wbfs files/or 2nd wbfs partition.
    have a look in the fat32 usb loading tut in my sig, everything explained there and a download link to the manager

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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