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Thread: Metroid Other M

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    Metroid Other M

    Ok so I know this isnt out yet. But I know there are those of you out there who have it.

    Lets say that Usb Loader GX wont load it. Everytime you click on Metroid Other M it freezes and all buttons can be pressed but nothing happens, However, all other games work.

    Neogamma R8 B7 will load Metroid Other M and fully boot. It plays through the intro and puts your straight into a Tutorial. However just after this tutorial it Freezes on Samus' face.

    So assuming this would happen, would anyone know the problem?

    Also when trying to read the disc using the Nintendo software...maybe it would say that an update would need to be done before playing it. Would one actually need to update their Wii?

    Speaking of Wii updates I'm on 3.8.1 or whatever...I was afraid of updating. Anyone know of an easy way to update?

    (Also if I've gone through all this the wrong way I apologize...Not quite sure what was right and wrong to say even after reading the rules...though I did skim them...Apologies again and I'll be happy to remove this immediately if thats what is called for.)

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    To load Other M without problem you'll need up-to-date IOS's, no earlier rev than cIOS rev17, and you'll need to install (if needed) and use Hermes cIOS v4 222 to load the game. If you already have all that updated or installed, all you need to change if your usb loader is setting the IOS to 222.

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    Actually it was Released August 31st

    and there is already a thread about the Game..... Please Post THERE:

    Metroid: The Other M - Working Here



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