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Thread: Metroid Other M compatibility with Wii Key

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    Metroid Other M compatibility with Wii Key

    I am hard modded with the wii key. Will I be able to survive the Metroid Other M system update or will I get bricked? Thanks.

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    The update is system menu 4.3 and updates to some of the wii channels. So long as wiikey works with 4.3 you should be fine.

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    How do I check to see what my wiikey is compatable with?

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    my Wii is hardmodded with WiiKey 1. I updated to 4.3 and my Wii Console will not recognize my store bought Metroid Other M Disc at all. Any suggestions?

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    Wiikey 1 and Metroid other M working

    Hi, i had the same problem, had my wiikey1 and updated the wii firmware to 4.3u and it did not wanted to read other M and it was original!... to fix this... go to the wiikey web site and download the last update 1.99beta, burn the iso into a dvd, put in your wii follow the instructions and voila!, put other M in there, make the update that it ask... and your good to go!



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