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Thread: Disc Read Error other advice

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    Disc Read Error other advice

    I hope that I am not treading on thin ice with this question, but I wanted to know what my options are.

    I softmodded my wii earlier this year so I can play my games without having to run the risk of my kids scratching them all up. I have been using USBLoaderGX and everything has been great. I bought a new game the other day and tried installing it and received a disc read error. Tried going through disc channel and usbloader to play game, neither worked. Got out some of my old games and tried them through the disc channel and same error. I tried a DVD through WIIMc(? media player) and that said unable to read disc.

    Question is, is there another way to get a game on my hard drive without going loading the disc into the WII itself? Can I copy it onto my hard drive through WFBS manager on my computer? Or do I need to replace the disc drive or get a new WII?

    Thanks in advance
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    you can buy an old disc drive for the p.c list below then use Raw Dump to dump the games tot he pc iso file takes about 2-3 hours to dump then youl have to use WBFS manager to put the iso file to HDD

    i bought on of the LG drives from ebay for 20


    just had a look on ebay for you there are 2 on there now

    wii lg drive items - Get great deals on Computing items on eBay UK!
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    Or do I need to replace the d*** drive or get a new WII?
    Please edit your post to fix the issue first off. I don't want you to get into trouble for a type-O.
    Second off, the only way to rip a game to your PC is with a VERY small number of DVD drives with an error in them to do so.
    Thirdly, you can google replacement wii DISK drives (lol) and try to repair it on the cheap.
    Fourth off, is there any chance that your wii system menu updated from disk and failed, causing a semi-brick? Check your system menu.
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