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Thread: Another Metroid Thread, Another Non-Wiihacks Softmodder

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    Another Metroid Thread, Another Non-Wiihacks Softmodder

    I'm trying to install IOS236 so I can install Hermes 222/223 to play Metroid Other M backup.

    This is the non-supported wiihacks tutorial I've been using (and wonder why I have problems):

    I am using GX HDD Loader and 4.2 firmware. I have already installed iso249

    When I press 1 to start the application, I get this error message:

    "Performing Step 1
    Patching IOS
    Unable to initialise the intial patches.
    This either means you didn't follow the download and launching instructions correctly, or your IOS is not vulnerable for an unknown reason.
    Installation cannot continue. Press any button to exit..."

    WTF? I obviously followed all instructions given in the tutorial above. Any suggestions? I really want to play this game! Thanks
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    We do not support another site's guides; this game itself has a wiihacks guide, you can find a blog on it and the link to the thread within the blog.

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