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Thread: Wiiflow Configurator

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    Wiiflow Configurator

    created by mgrimmenator

    Wiiflow Configurator is a .Net 2.0 application designed to create/modify ini configuration files for wiiflow.

    [SPOILER="How to create/modify category settings"]
    1. Click on file menu and select load.

    2. Choose to load games from an existing categories.ini or from a titlesdump.ini file.

    3. A list should be populated of games, when the list is loaded it pulls info from a local
    copy of wiitdb to get game names. If a title is missing then <UNKNOWN> will be displayed.

    4. You may update your wiitdb file at anytime by click on file menu and selecting "Refresh wiitdb data".

    5. Select a game by clicking on a title in the list. You will see the title appear at the top right of screen.

    6. You may rename categories to whatever you desire.

    7. Clicking the checkbox next to each category while a game is selected will add or remove that game from that

    8. You may also set the options above the game list.

    9. Once all settings have been defined, click on the file menu and select save then "Save Categories", this will
    create your categories.ini file.

    10. Copy your categories.ini file to your usb:/wiiflow/settings or sd:/wiiflow/settings directory. [/SPOILER]

    Source- Wiiflow Wiki

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    Ca titlesdump.ini

    How does this file get created or updated? Which program reads the titles and from where? I have titlesdump.ini file, but it only contains a small number of the game titles that I actually have.

    I've looked at Wii Game Manager, Wii Configurator, and even WiiFlow, and don't see an option that would generate this list.

    It's interesting to note that that "file modified date" on the titlesdump.ini is from 10 days ago (12/09/2010 928PM), and I've been doing quite a bit since then. The titledump.ini sits in the FAT1//wiiflow/settings/ directory.

    Wonder if I rename the titlesdump.ini file to something else,*.old... will Wiiflow create a new one?

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    Wiiflow: titlesdump.ini not updating

    I've searched and came up with nothing.
    I'm trying to setup categories using Wiiflow Configurator, but my titlesdump.ini file is not updating. It only list like 60 titles and I have about 75 working titles on my USB drive.

    Wiiflow is running from my SD card. Also, the categories.ini files only show around 60 titles as well.

    Can this file be updated manually?

    sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it.


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