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    usb loader gx

    I'm at a total lost, i've softmodded my wii and tried to get usb loader onto it. I've followed guides and can load games from wbfs but when i open usb loader it doesn't show any games and when i try to add a game it just goes back to usb loader main page, any help would be appreciated

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    Have you still got a sd card in the wii? Gx loader needs this to save the config and cover folders on. Other than that you would need a fat32 partition on your drive for these files.

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    yes still got sd card in and made a fat32 partition on drive

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    I would change over to an entirely new format. I ALWAYS recommend the fat32 setup as a single partition, because it causes less stress for people who want to use multiple partitions. Since you haven't ripped games yet, this should be easy enough. Follow THIS link to set it up, and I wouldn't use USB Loader GX anyway, use the CFG Loader in the guide.
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    thanks for quick replys, had a look at guide but it says it will only work with cios222/223 and i think i'm cios249

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    so go get it too Hermes v4
    also recommended to have it along with 249

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    i think i'm doing something really simple wrong for usb loader not to work


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