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Thread: Possibly fully bricked wii?

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    Possibly fully bricked wii?

    Hey guys,
    I'm fairly new to this stuff, but here goes. So my wii had bveen softmodded on version 4.2u and worked fine. I stupidly ran an update from a game that was the wrong region, and I don't know if the games update had been tampered with or what.

    Anyways, here's my wii's condition right now:
    - OS 4.3u
    - WiiKey v1 installed with firmware 1.99 BETA
    - Boots to menu system
    - Was formatted by my brother (no HBC installed)
    - Running a channel will reset the wii
    - Insert game disc into console shows up in disc channel
    - Running game disc hangs at black screen
    - Maintenance mode is the same, chanels reboot and game discs hang
    - Used SaveMiiFrii (gamecube controller mod) to get to recovery mode
    - Recovery mode all discs hang on black screen
    - When game disc on disc channel says "update available" it will still install the update from the disc, but the game itself won't launch

    I'm starting to think one of my system IOS files is corrupt (i think) and because I can't boot a game disc, I cant use the indiana pwns or smash stack hacks, and bannerbomb doesn't work on os 4.3, plus the 4.3 update I believe has removed all homebrew and bootmii. Is this the end of my wii or is there anyway to save this?

    Thanks for any help,
    (Also, sorry if posted in wrong thread)

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    Look at this guide here.

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    Wow, that was the first thing that would load! I can get into the DOPIOS program if I boot straight from the SD card (Thank you so much) however I can't continue from there, because my wii remote won't sync, and plugging in a gamecube controller causes a crash. Any idea what to do from here?

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    maybe the 2nd wiimote gets active? leaving the gc controller plugged in?

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    Unfortunately no, none of my 4 wiimotes will sync once the app has started, and any gamecube controller in slot 1-4 will cause dop-ios to crash. So weird, I need a version taht uses the 'reset eject power' buttons to navigate or something. TBH i'm shocked i was able to get this app to boot, but crushed that I can't use it any further.

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    Any other suggestions on how to get around the wii remotes turning off during dop-mii? It loads successfully, then I can't move any further in the app... ?

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    Try this.... Dop-Mii_v13_CB2_BB2 Mediafire is down for some reason so I uploaded it to megaupload. This should work as v13 fixes the compatibility issues with 4.3.

    Edit: If that link is down, try this Dop-Mii_v13_CB2_BB2
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    Thanks, i'll give this a try tonight and let you know how it worked out.

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    So it still doesn't allow me to use the wii remote. Because i'm on system menu 4.3 and bannerbomb doesn't work, I have to boot from cboot2, could that be the problem? I found a version of WAD manager that boots from cboot2 (sd card) but its an older version 1.5, I don't suppose there is a tutorial on how to get the HBC working via cboot2?

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    OK, lets see what you have. It sounds like you have Bootmii as boot2 and thats a good thing.

    1. Download this here
    2. Unpack it and place the contents onto your SD card
    3. Put your SD card back into your Wii
    4. Power on your Wii and Syscheck should run
    5. A file should be created on your SD card called Syscheck.csv
    6. Open that file with WordPad NOT Notepad and paste the results here

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