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Thread: Is it dead?

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    Is it dead?

    Ordered Wii in 2007 from China w/mod chip installed. Language Jpn. My son accidentally updated online to 4.3j, I can still access the settings menu, but now when I insert any disk other than a gamecube disk I get a big ? (it will play gamecube disks though)....Is it dead?

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    Nope, just follow the 4.3 softmod guide in my signature.

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    like backup discs? or even retail discs?
    maybe you want to have a look at this 4.3 guide
    you would need a yugi oh game to get it back running and/or to downgrade to 4.1

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    I will go and buy the game now but will this work with Wii not recognizing the disks

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    ewww... I just assumed that you meant any backup game. Are you saying that it wont recognize an original game either?

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    All disks except gamecube disks

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    Sounds like you have multiple problems including a drive problem. An update should have not prevented your Wii from reading an original game disk. That being said you might try cracking open your Wii and removing the chip just to see if that helps but I doubt it.

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    Thats what I thought but it was just fine until the update...I'll try what you are suggesting

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    You may need to run the update disk for the chip, update the firmware on it. Then run the config disk, or what ever you do to config the chip. 2007 is pretty old chip, do you know what it is? A wiikey or something?
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    Thanks for the advice yes it is the first Wiikey

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