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Thread: help weird setting problem

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    help weird setting problem

    could you help me fix this problem

    YouTube - wii settings not working (after error 003)

    its located in 0.34 sec

    is it semi brick or what?

    sorry for the bad english

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    sysmenu from wrong region. also it has not the opera error reffered to as semi-brick. but yes

    Semi-Brick, system settings locked, Opera error.

    be sure to install sysmenu suiting your region, don't forget to install the suiting IOS as well or you will brick.

    also very likely as you have the double news channel etc. so you did some update from an out of region game.
    Install Priiloader and activate block disc and online updates to avoid that

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    You have been updated by an out of region game. Look here.

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    thanks for the fast reply

    I will tray this method now


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