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Thread: Priiloader installation error

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    Priiloader installation error

    Hey everyone. I was trying to homebrew my 4.3e wii. I followed this guide using a 128mb card. However when I get to the optional priiloader installation it doesn't work. Could someone help?

    I keep getting this error message after holding b and pressing +:

    ES_Identify failed, error 4294966267. ios249 not patched with ES_DIVerify?
    using cios (holding b and then pressing + or -) will probably solve this.
    NOTE: you need CIOS for this.
    Do you wish to continue?
    A=Yes B=No Home/Start=Exit

    Is it because my memory card is too small?


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    When you say this guide, I hope you mean Mauifrogs guide as it is the only one supported here. This question has been asked and answered a million times and can be found by searching.

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    Yes search for this one. Or simply read the screen and do what it tells you...
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Sorry guys. I used a different guide and the error isn't stated on that post.

    thanks anyway.

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