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Thread: Metroid: Other M and Wasabi Modchip

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    Metroid: Other M and Wasabi Modchip

    Has anyone gotten Metriod: Other M to work on a Wasabi mod chip? I have a DX running as zero, and when I try to run a backup (Verbatim Dual Layer with appropriate layer break burned), I get a "disk unreadable" right after the "now loading" screen after you chose language and subtitles. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone have this game working?

    Thanks in advance,
    Munky Puke

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    do you get the "INSTALL UPDATE" in the first box?

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    I'm not sure what you mean. What's odd though is I did get the wii system update and I installed it in order to even try the game. The update got hung up at the very end and I had to kill the power on my wii. My wii was at 4.3u, and still says 4.3u, but I'm no longer prompted to do a system update. Other games seem to work just fine with wasabi still.

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    Might try searching next time. This is a hot topic right now so it should have been easy for you to find just by browsing.

    Metroid Other M
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    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I've already went through that thread and didn't see any reference to Wasabi issues, thus prompting me to post here.

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    You should post this question in the guide then. It's just easier that way.

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    Maybe you should try running the game through wiiscrubber.... I don't know much about hard mods, but i guess its worth a try!!!!!

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    I suppose I can give that a shot. I've never had to do that before. These DVD-R DL are expensive coasters.

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    well good look..... and by the way you should check out and look into windata dvd+dl..... their very inexpensive!!!!
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    Turns out using a different burner and possibly different media (still Verbatim) solved the issue. Funny that dual layer is more picky.


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