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Thread: WEIRD: USBLoaderGX black screen exiting to HC!!!

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    WEIRD: USBLoaderGX black screen exiting to HC!!!

    Hey guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This happened all of a sudden when I went to play Metroid: Other M through USB.

    I recently updated both USBLoaderGX and the new Homebrew Channel (1.0.8). But the thing is, is that when I choose to "Return to Loader" from within USBGX it give me a black screen, turns off my HDD and freezes my Wii.

    I have to hard reboot the Wii every time. I was wondering if this could be a problem with my HDD, updates for the HC, or even updates for the GX Loader.

    The thing is, this was happening when I was still at Homebrew Channel 1.0.7. I feel like I've tried everything...different GX rev's, complete reinstall of GX, format of my HDD and SD card.

    If anybody has any ideas, I'd be greatly appreciative. I'm at the end of my rope with all this!

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    ive got the same porblem mate gx has always done it, you should try using configurable usb loader its alot better and they have stopped updating gx so it will be outdated soon

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    Link to CFG. I installed it when I moved to fat32 and never looked back.
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    ive only just changed to cfg cause i was asked to make a wiihacks theme for and the loader is soooo much better, i like the all the different ways you can display the box covers

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    Yeah, I've got Cfg USB Loader...I usually fluctuate between that, GX, uLoader, and Wiiflow depending on the game. But this issue w/ GX only seemed to start when I updated the Homebrew Channel to 1.0.7...


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