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Thread: Big problem with loadmii

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    Big problem with loadmii

    Hopefully someone can help. I have had my wii softmodded for a while now and decided i wanted to set the usb loader gx to autoboot. I have preloader 0.29 installed and went in and changed the autoboot to file and return to preloader. I went to restart it and it has gone downhill from there. First it does not load, I will get a black screen. Once I hit a button it goes to the loadmii screen...which i dont even remember installing. This is the only place I can navigate from. I want to set it back, or somehow get rid of loadmii, but have no clue how. I can get into the app folder and get to the usb loader and get to the games, but thats not the way I want to do it. I cant get to the system menu at all. If I try to get to homebrew, preloader or wads, I get exception DSI, code dumps and another dump and all I can do is hit reset. Can anyone steer me in the right direction???

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    access priiloader, hold down reset while powering on, then change settings back to system menu. I suspect you installed the loadmii boot.dol by mistake

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    nevermind....after about an houur and posting this i found it 2 seconds later....hold don power and reset


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