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    Update question

    I have a wii (Pal) with a wiikey2 installed, I was living in Australia when this was purchased and modded. But I have recently moved to the United States, I have concerns with updating my wii. I know I will not be able to use disc update from games as this would brick the console (Pal Wii, USA Ntsc games).
    My question is can I use my network cable and internet connection to update my console even though I am no longer in AUS?


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    no I don`t think so... it`s better to not update. install priiloader and enable block disc updates and online updates.

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    The wii console has built in wifi and will autodetect the region to do the update. If you are playing ntsc games, anything beyond 4.1 will take away the abilty to read those disks on you PAL console, so factor this into your thoughts about doing the update as you will no longer be region free.
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    Okay, so no updates past 4.1, this will work for the time being, but I recently acquired call of duty modern warfare, when attempting to play disc it requests an update is.

    Is this update required to play or should i use wii brick blocker on disc before attempting to play?
    Also is it safe to use internet channel and connect wii to the nt (i.e will the wii auto-update)?

    If there are posts that have this info paste the link, I have looked for answers to these questions, but cannot find answers.

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    You can block disc and online updates with priiloader.


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