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Thread: Having so much trouble playing Metroid other M

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    Having so much trouble playing Metroid other M

    Hey guys so let me tell u my situation:
    1. Had a Soft Modded Wii 4.2 but i wanted to play Metroid other M so badly I formatted my Wii.
    2. It still wouldn't let me update to 4.3 to play Metroid, nor did it let me install the update from the disc.
    3. Re-Soft Modded my Wii to play off disc with NeoGamma and it worked fine up until a certain cutscene.
    4. Installed to HDD and it stopped again at the exact same cut scene
    5. Returned Metroid other M and got a new one
    6. Played off NeoGamma and it stopped EXACTLY at the same part AGAIN
    7. Re-Formatted my wii system memory

    Please guys i just want to play this game! I REALLY NEED HELP!

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    1. First-time posters are asked to make a quick "hello" post in the Introductions section of the site;
    2. We have a guide for this, in fact I blogged emuhack's guide on the main page;
    3. Read it and follow it; if any questions, you are to post them within the guide --- not creating another thread.
    4. Welcome to the site.

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