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Thread: If you were to mod a xbox 360 today

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    If you were to mod a xbox 360 today

    Hi Guys,

    If you were to buy a xbox 360 today what would you buy, and what mod would you use? What in your opinion is the easiest way to keep xbox up to date with firmware changes?


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    All versions of the 360 can be softmodded with the exception of the slim. That is still under development....To be released soon!.
    There are devices around that connects to your dvd drive when doing the first softmod so that any updates after can be done without opening the case again......These are expensive and IMO a waste of time.
    Whatever dvd drive in your 360 , for the time being anyway, will play any wave of game so there shouldn't be any need to update the FW. Although updates will occour from time to time.

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