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Thread: Just picked up a wii with 3.1 on it... help!

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    Just picked up a wii with 3.1 on it... help!

    Hi all,

    So I finally today got my hands on a wii, I was hoping it would already be at 4.2 so I could follow a guide I have however its currently on 3.1... what would be the best approach to flash this and get it as up to date as possible?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to spending some time on the forums!

    (Now I must go and play the hula game on wii fit lol).

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    first i wouldpost in the intro section then follow the guide in my sig for wii's 3.1 to 4.1 and you will be fine

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    Hi mate, I know its rude not to introduce yourself... I just couldn't wait to get started haha. I did look at that guide, does it have to be from SD card? USB would be easier! I did take a look through that guide.

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    Sd is the way it must be.
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    yep sd to hack and for apps but usb loading is the best way toload your games

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    I will go and pickup my sd card out my camera and attempt this tonight, scary! haha. However im on mac osx atm, not sure I can use wbfsmanager to load the isos, any solution on that front? I have seen people do it on mac though.

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    The easiest way would be to put the games into your Wii and use it to copy them but you can look here for a mac version of WBFS Manager.


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